Not Bad Enough

You know you’re going badly when you get flogged in a poll for Australia’s worst journalist.

Check out my dismal showing in this fine website:

To poll just 2.8 per cent of the vote was a pitiful effort. You are damned to mediocrity. Not quite bad enough to be noticed. Not good enough to be anything other than crap.

As others have noted, the nominees share one thing in common, they have all produced works of journalism dealing with Dr Geoffrey Edelsten, the medical entrepreneur who emerged rejuvenated from a stint in Her Majesty’s prison system.

My automatic entry was a yarn for Nine’s A Current Affair program dealing with his involvement in the hair replacement industry.  And so I was added to the roll call of shame.

When the shadowy promoter posted that I had been fired from ACA, I decided enough was enough. I rang Edelsten and asked if he was the correspondent. He agreed he was.

I suggested that he should remove or correct this falsehood from the site. He didn’t and despite the posting of another story reaffirming my sacking from ACA, I still lost the poll. Thanks Doc, you did your best for me.

For the record, the rest of the list contains some of the best hands in the country. Unlike Dr Edelsten, they are happy to put their name to their work in the best traditions of courageous journalism. If that makes them crap, then I’m honoured to share the title.

Anyway, I hope this wonderful competition becomes an annual fixture, complete with a red carpet and glitzy ceremony at Crown. I’m booking my tuxedo and preparing my entry. Surely, the Doc’s new bride, the bodacious Brynne, would frock up for it.

6 thoughts on “Not Bad Enough

  1. Running fourth isn’t too bad, there’s always next year and if you truthfully prickle him enough you may have a better show! Why isn’t Neil Mitchell represented there?

    • Thanks Shelly,
      I have been baiting him all week and he won’t reply. I’m even sending people to his site. I thought about suing him but that’s what he wants me to do. He’s no doubt got all his assets hidden away somewhere so it would be pointless. Better to send him up!

  2. And you weren’t a proper business journo if you didn’t get a post-crash writ from Laurie Connell in the nineties. Love your work Adam. Bill.

    • In my case my uncle was Laurie’s lawyer so perhaps in deference to his twin brother’s bank balance, Team Connell might have been giving me a break…or I was just simply not worth worrying about. I hope it’s not the latter.
      Cheers Bill

  3. Aha, finally the Google SEO has cut in and this page is now on the same page as Edelsten’s odious slander. Now we are fighting on equal terms. Yet still he won’t respond to my generous offers to communicate. Oh well!

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