High Times Keep Rolling On

UPDATE: Operation Entity

Victoria Police’s historic pot busting mission, Operation Entity, continued on through to the weekend, racking up another 700 plants grown in suburban homes and their assorted farmers and sitters. It’s been a howling success, but underlying that success is the reality that this is only a temporary setback for the syndicates. As usual, any reduction of supply drives up prices of pot on the street. Dealers will actually withhold supply to drive up returns on their stocks in the knowledge that their profits may be down for a short period. It provides greater incentive for new entrants, given the penalties remain the same. Like any business, illegal drugs are all about the risk/reward ratio.

Read these link for the latest information: New Police Raids Find 700 Plants

This reporter did a little digging into this yesterday afternoon and came up with a couple of interesting tidbits. The syndicate bosses are largely based in Sydney, mainly Vietnamese nationals, but there have been no reported arrests in the harbour town yet. A well-placed source said previous harvests have made their way to Sydney where the growers are paid. The operation is decentralised with the gaggle of illegal immigrants and low level players in Victoria acting as contract growers, who bear most of the risk of producing quality and any legal heat they might face. Many of them end up in the trade to pay off gambling debts. The proceeds of the pot sales then finance the heroin coming into Australia.

It’s well-known in Melbourne that Lebanese-Australian kids are right into hydro pot growing as  a means of financing other illegal activities including car rebirthing. There was talk earlier this year that some of the Lebanese kids in the northern suburbs were linking up with the Vietnamese organised crime gangs in the drugs trade but none were caught up in the latest raids.  Operation Entity will have to rack up a few higher level arrests to be regarded as much more than a minor irritation to the pot trade.

Meanwhile, it’s still legal to import cannabis seeds into Australia, it’s only illegal to plant them. Crazy mixed up world huh?

5 thoughts on “High Times Keep Rolling On

  1. Adam I love your blogs. This is quite a complicated issue with the syndicate heads based in Sydney and harvests travelling across borders it’s gone Federal? I’m assuming that it has and the bosses are sweating wondering when and if the axe will fall? It’s my belief that with as you said, laws that allow seeds to be imported, chemicals readily and openly available, instructions on how to set up your hydro crop only a click away that we’re never going to see the end of it. While there’s a profit to be made and a market to fill, it will continue.
    I’d like to see smokers, if they must use free to grow their own “bush” dope out in the yard next to the lemon tree, organic style.

  2. Adam,
    Having just been directed to your blog for other reasons, I found your information great, and as Shelly has said we are never going to see and end to this problem.
    I agree with Shelly that if you are a smoker, then you should be able to grow a plant or two outside without fear of recrimination, or the “dob-in” situation.
    As someone who suffers with chronic pain, and am eternally caught up in the state based system when it comes to getting my monthly pain relief scripts – I believe that it should be allowed for medicinal purposes also, so that in the end the government is not funding large amounts of money to provide me with my pain-relief, alternately they are not having to put me thru the mill every time something happens or goes wrong. As someone who does have private health insurance also, I too have to attend a public pain clinic every 4 – 6 months to be assessed by a Dr that I am maintaining my dosage and/or trying to decrease it – yet another cost to the government.
    I know because I saw this Dr privately some years before in an endeavour to get him to help me with my ongoing issues and his gaps were huge above government provided payment etc!!!
    So I think that it should be allowed for medicinal purposes to be grown out next to my other gardens.
    What do you think Adam??? Food for thought???

    • Hi Sally,
      I am with you all the way. California has set up a highly successful medicinal marijuana programme that helps thousands of chronic pain sufferers to manage their conditions without fear of breaking the law. Organised crime is yet to infiltrate the programme,I am told.
      Meanwhile people here who medicate their conditions with cannabis are transformed into criminals. The US Drug Enforcement Agency identifies the top uses for medicinal marijuana in Cal as follows:
      40% Chronic Pain
      22% AIDS-Related
      15% Mood Disorders
      23% All other categories. But even in California, the law varies from county to county. In one county half a pound is permissible while next door it can be six pounds so the law is patchy and full of anomalies.
      Meanwhile US federal law still prohibits medicinal marijuana.
      What is undeniable is that dope has powerful analgesic properties that should be harnessed to assist you and other pain sufferers. Contrary to the wowsers and moralists,it doesn’t kill you, there are no recorded deaths whatsoever from pot, unlike alcohol, prescription drugs tobacco etc which take out millions of people every year
      The argument for recreational use is far less convincing. Legalisation might well encourage kids to take up drugs when as families we should be teaching our kids to get in touch with their emotions, rather to regulate them with any substances. We risk a society that believes life is one continuous high, when of course the art of living is finding emotional reserves of strength and dealing with the ups and downs.
      Anyway, the one clear message is that what we are doing now is not working and of course to continue to do something that we know does not work is the definition of insanity. The problem is, the enforcement infrastructure has become an industry of itself.

  3. Come on Adam you know what happens with prohibition don’t you?
    In an ideal world, kids and their parents would be in touch with thier emotions but in the meantime they are drinking alcohol with societys full permission.
    Humans don’t want to be in touch with their emotions all the time. We could use those police in so many better places. Good work, thanks Adam

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