The Phoney War on Bikies is Over

Greetings from London where the news has just reached me that the High Court has tossed out the NSW bikie legislation: – Hells Angel kills NSW anti-bikie laws

Please excuse me a moment of immodesty when I say that I was in a minority of one in the media who said all along that this was going to happen. The media’s overwhelming desire for social conflict and division prevented it from seeing the truth. Attempts to regulate social interaction are beyond the purview of the State Governments. The Queensland laws will also fail and Victorian Premier Ted Baillieu will somehow forget that he’s planning his own laws later this year.

The Australian Constitution, beautiful in its simplicity, rock-solid in its intention, protects us all, even those people we may not like very much. There are plenty of laws to protect the  community from wrong doers. We don’t need more laws, we need better ones and better police to enforce them. Congratulations to all members of clubs and their supporters who have gone out of their comfort zones to explain the true nature of their lives.

One thought on “The Phoney War on Bikies is Over

  1. Having read about 80% so far of the High Court judgement, it is clear the High Court is unwilling to become puppets of the various state governments trying to subvert our Constitution. Some of the arguments put forward by the various Solicitor-Generals can only be described as embarrassing for their departments reputation. I read their argument as these laws should stand because although there is nothing to stop normal court procedures from being bypassed, that would not happen. Excuse me but the law is ‘as written’ not as interpreted and though the stated intent may be one thing, if that intent is not specified then it cannot be guaranteed that will be done the way of the intent.

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