The Private Wars of Geoffrey Edelsten

Dear Readers,

The Private Wars of Geoffrey Edelsten

Attached is from today’s Weekend Australian Financial Review. Any related memories or new ideas you may have are always welcome.



2 thoughts on “The Private Wars of Geoffrey Edelsten

  1. Good job, Adam. I detest an unethical doctor, especially one who lacks substance and is all about flashy showmanship. In my mind, Edelsten has always been the equivalent of that old bloke who runs the Playboy mansion. He also rates at the bottom of the scale in what I value in the world. I am also tired of Edelsten claiming that journalists (and mainly you at the moment) are his biggest problem. He claimed this back in the 80s, so that’s old news in itself. I took an abusive phone call once from him while at the SMH. He told me to tell John Alexander that if he didn’t “order” the Herald car away from outside his house, he would call the police to move it on. His language left a lot to be desired and I was just the person unlucky enough to answer the phone. I think he could use a few sessions with your father, the psychiatrist, but why do it when you wouldn’t be paid for your expertise!

  2. He will never change, he has done the same thing to many people, as a matter of fact he is going to a law suit in the US for the same type of scam. He is indeed a con artist !!

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