Send a message to Putin

It’s time to find the political will to do what is right. If there is no independent investigation into the shooting down of MH17, no pursuit and prosecution of the guilty, we must send the Russian Ambassador to Australia home to Moscow. Our allies must follow suit or face charges of cowardice. If China backs Russia on this outrage, its ambassador should also pack his bags. To hell with the niceties of diplomacy and trade. The remains of victims are being desecrated by their killers.

Vladimir Putin said if there was peace in eastern Ukraine this incident would not have happened. He looked uncomfortable, head down over his papers, his eyes everywhere but on the camera.

Putin has backed separatists in eastern Ukraine, causing the deaths of many civilians. Now his filthy wickedness is stripped bare.

Australia’s understanding of this far-off conflict has been abstract, now after the murder of 36 of our people, it has become real and visceral.

Tony Abbott has been a polarising figure as prime minister but his actions so far on MH17 have been exemplary. He was among the first leaders to call this what it was – a crime. He must keep his nerve and drive international condemnation and justice for the victims. Kicking out the Russian ambassador is merely symbolic, but it’s a statement about important values: fairness, compassion and the faith in international morality.


6 thoughts on “Send a message to Putin

  1. Absolutely agree, if the Russian government can not even make time to talk to the leader of this country, then his representatives should not be welcome!

    • Thanks Jen, it’s a fine line. Sending the ambassador home is a slap with a wet lettuce but it will let them know that there will be no compromise, even if they are a permanent member of the UN Security Council and a nuclear power. Putin must be isolated until he realises that we do place value on human life. This must not simply be swept away by the cynical realpolitik that Putin engages in. The thought of the dead lying in fields, or being scooped up by the separatists as part of an evidence destruction exercise is very distressing.

  2. all a little bit of ego maybe.we only get the news .not their news.they are our brothers whats th and light to

  3. Why don’t we pick up arms against them we seem to be able to stick our noses in every over conflict around the world where the only Australians that get killed are our soldiers we send there,, seriously like an idependant body like who and what power would they have anyway,,,, to do what more sanctions ,,,wheat maybe font they still owe us for dh it loads of that and wool if my memory serves ,, hell Iranians now selling their oil to china at half the price and it’s better quality than the USA ,, food that won’t work we don’t supply any food anymore we import it
    ever heard of BRICK
    BRAZIL RUSSIA INDIA CHINA AFRICA they collectively have more real cash and resource than the rest of the world put together , if Australia doesn’t pull it’s head out of American fat arse and stop being a puppet to them we will find ourselves in the same position as them ,, for that matter why don’t we send all ambassadors home starting with the USA ,, bout time we got on with our own business and just looked after ourselves instead of sticking our noses into very single thing from a mystery missing plane to a mid air disaster

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