Dear people,

Apologies, it’s been a while since we last spoke as I have been settling in to Perth and my new life as the Drive host on 6PR. But now  that every day is no longer the white knuckle plunge into uncertainty, I will be back on the blog, as it were, more often.

Just taking a break from writing since the release of The Real Chopper last September.  I am sure that something will grip my attention sufficiently to commit to my next project but for the meantime I am enjoying not waking up with 1000 words to write before breakfast. Six books in seven years is probably enough for the moment. I look back and think: “How the hell?” When I come back for another project, it may or may not be a crime book. I’d be keen to explore some other genres and ideas. Maybe fiction in Africa…look out Wilbur Smith.

I still have the “King of Thieves” screenplay to satisfy my felonious urges. Co-writer Andrew Knight and I will be resuming the task of peeling the onion towards a final draft later in the year and I can’t wait to finish that. I visited our co-producer in the UK in December and was amazed that people really like the screenplay. He called it “our film” which is a bit startling (not to mention pleasing) after 5 years of dreaming and wishing a screenplay into reality. So many people have said that I should have gone the easier route to a telemovie or a series but the advice of my agent Richard Walsh to go for the highest ambition (a feature film) and work our way downwards was right. Learning patience has been the greatest by-product of writing (and waiting) for film.

So, for the moment, I will be focussing exclusively on my radio program which is really an unfolding delight. I especially love talking to the listeners with their views and stories. It’s been wonderful how they have accepted me, despite all my mispronunciations of local suburbs etc and my tendency to cut in when I get excited. Sorry.

Esconced in a lovely little studio in Fremantle, things are settling down after a tumultous few months of change, ending with the death of my father on Easter Saturday. RIP JWS. Got a double bunger that week, with news that my pooch Buddy lost a battle with a puff adder in our garden in Zimbabwe. Got back and sent for Teddy the Bichon from Melbourne. It’s a time for keeping things I love close, I’d get the kids over from Melbourne but prising barnacles off a rock would be easier. I’m not offended, they are busy with their lives and I am proud to watch them developing their skills and personalities without Dad looking over their shoulders and constantly passing judgement etc.   Anyway, another sapphire blue sky beckons me to work. Talk soon.



6 thoughts on “Perth

  1. Thanks for the update Adamo. Tune into Perth when I can. So sorry to hear about the passings. Hard to find the words for that. Look forward to buying that cinema ticket to “King of Thieves”. Nothing like watching a highest ambition unfold:) Sonia

  2. Hi Adam,
    this George Gardener’s daughter here. I live in Perth and listen to your radio show often. I am glad that you are still working on the screenplay for Kangaroo Gang. Cant wait to see how my father is portrayed.
    Regards Vikki Delle Donne (Gardener)

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